A directory of companies and tradespeople who deliver by bike (including cargo bikes, bikes with trailers, ebikes). Includes plumbers with cargo bikes, electricians on bikes, window cleaners on bikes, coffee delivered by bike, bakers on cargo bikes, zero-waste shops who deliver by bike, food delivered by bike, cycling cleaners, cycling handymen.

Brought By Bike

A directory of companies and tradespeople from across the UK who deliver by bike.

Shop with them for cleaner, greener & quieter streets.

What is Brought By Bike?

Brought By Bike is a searchable directory of companies and tradespeople who deliver by bike (including cargo bikes, e-bikes, bikes with trailers – anything powered mainly by pedals!).

It was created to make it simple for anyone across the UK to find plumbers, veg box schemes, bakers, coffee roasters, electricians and anything else you can think of that will travel or be delivered by more sustainable means.


veg boxes

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“The bikes also cut carbon emissions by 90% compared with diesel vans, and by a third compared with electric vans, the report said.” https://t.co/ujUTUTy4X4

Hi @podstreetsahead, you mentioned how great it would be to be able to find companies & tradespeople who deliver by 🚲- that’s exactly what our directory was created for! Have a look at https://t.co/x1ldsuzFF7. Great episode btw!

Some more press coverage for Brought By Bike – thank you, @simplethingsmag. https://t.co/pi3OKmrwkU

Just listed the 300th business on https://t.co/Z2A1sr71kP – and have a long list of others still to add. More and more are discovering the benefits of switching to bike delivery every day.

Bread #broughtbybike – there are lots of amazing bakers on https://t.co/Z2A1sr71kP – have you tried any? https://t.co/CvT32W8Pki