A directory of companies and tradespeople who deliver by bike (including cargo bikes, bikes with trailers, ebikes). Includes plumbers with cargo bikes, electricians on bikes, window cleaners on bikes, coffee delivered by bike, bakers on cargo bikes, zero-waste shops who deliver by bike, food delivered by bike, cycling cleaners, cycling handymen.

Brought By Bike

A directory of companies and tradespeople from across the UK who deliver by bike.

Shop with them for cleaner, greener & quieter streets.

What is Brought By Bike?

Brought By Bike is a searchable directory of companies and tradespeople who deliver by bike (including cargo bikes, e-bikes, bikes with trailers – anything powered mainly by pedals!).

It was createdΒ to make it simple for anyone across the UK to find plumbers, veg box schemes, bakers, coffee roasters, electricians and anything else you can think of that will travel or be delivered by more sustainable means.


veg boxes

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Do you know of anybody else we should include? Please let us know!Β 

🍺 by 🚲 ! Hope you enjoyed your #cargobike beer delivery! https://t.co/KRAPYfjXPo
jamiewallace @jamiewallace
Great work from @barneysbeer and @farroutdelivers. Beer arrived 15 mins after receiving email! Others could learn from this. Check out @BroughtByBike Move over Amazon… https://t.co/E036yijHDf

Seems like my daughter needs to write an emergency addendum to her previous letter to πŸŽ…πŸ»! #cyclingplumber https://t.co/lO6BxuhjVW

Have you found anyone who delivers by bike via https://t.co/Z2A1sr71kP ? Do let us know! (and we hope this person enjoys their @ToastAle delivery!) https://t.co/JxS2gqzblw

Read all about it! A great article from @Isabella_Kam on the growth in bike deliveries, which sees us in the excellent company of @pedalmeapp, @CalderCheese and @Cargodale2. https://t.co/jZ1yPUpKF3

Absolutely – please do get in touch if that’s you or you know anybody who does! There’s a contact form on our website: https://t.co/Z2A1sr71kP https://t.co/6s2EzhjWiH

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